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Educational Apps | Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication

http://www.bestappsforkids.org Only The Best Apps Reviewed With Video! http://bit.ly/SqueeblesTT This app makes time tables fun! Beat THe Monster!

Squeebles Times Tables 2 - Quick Demo

Video demo of the latest Squeebles app from KeyStageFun - Squeebles Times Tables 2. Please note, this app now costs £2.49 / $3.99 rather than the slightly ...

Squeebles Spelling Tutorial 1: Setting up a Test

This tutorial from KeyStageFun shows you how to set up a new test on the Squeebles Spelling Test app and add words to it. The app is available for iPhone, ...

Squeebles Spelling Tutorial: Squeeberang Tips & Tricks

This video tutorial will show you a few tips and tricks for doing better at Squeeberang - the mini game featured as a reward for children who do well in their ...

Squeebles Spelling Tutorial 2: Editing Test Settings

Math U Android App

Play Math Multiplication and Division Android App

Squeebles Spelling Share

fraction apps

A look at four fraction apps, virtual manipulative, pizza 1, fraction circles and slice it.

Educational Apps Review Episode 1: The 100 Board

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